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Matt Stapleton brings all the best qualities of a Brit as Astley.
— Ray Morgovan, / on The Gambler
Matt Stapleton as Fred has a Jason Bateman quality to his performance... a subtle comedy.
— Michael Block, / on Elephants & Other Worldly Dilemmas
The young and arresting presence of Mercutio as played by Matt Stapleton almost turns the play over into his hands. His death scene, with its classic renunciation of both families, was both brilliant and effective.
— J. Peter Bergman, The Berkshire Bright Focus / on Romeo & Juliet
There are some kudos due to Matt Stapleton, whose Mercutio is broad, bold and bawdy, the best acting job of the production.
— Greg Haymes, / on Romeo & Juliet
Matt Stapleton brings great energy to Mercutio and makes his flippancy a sign of confidence rather than of arrogance.
— Robert Goepfert, The Troy Record / on Romeo & Juliet
Particularly notable is Matt Stapleton, whose wide-eyed disbelief when recounting one date’s eating habits prompts guffaws, particularly when he contemplates seeing her again.
— Nicole Villeneuve, Backstage / on The Bad Date Project
An extremely gifted actor. His work ethic, commitment to the script, and ability to engage with his fellow actors makes working with him a profound pleasure. The choices he makes are always insightful and grounded in the truth of the character he is portraying. We’d selfishly prefer to be the only company he ever works with.
— Alec Gutherz & Eli Moore, Reliance Studios
This play does have one perfect moment. It is when Matt Stapleton, as Mercutio, calls out for the missing Romeo. It is a comic scene, and Stapleton reads it just right, giving the Shakespearian cadences a truly natural reading that doesn’t feel forced or silly.
— Michael Eck, The Albany Times Union / on Romeo & Juliet
As Gisborne, Matt Stapleton’s prissy de meanor conveyed his cowardice even to the littlest playgoers.
— Kathryn Ceceri, Metroland Online / on Robin Hood