January 2016:

The Gambler by Glyn Waxwell is up and running!  Do yourself a solid and grab tickets to this wonderful adaptation about love and obsession.  See you at the theatre!

November 2015:

I've just returned from co-producing the shoot for Triumvirate Productions' first film endeavor, entitled God's Country.  Despite some cold temperatures, a primary location that lacked running water, and a missing generator, some amazing work was accomplished by our stellar crew and talented cast.  We hope to have an edit come the spring, so stay tuned!

October 2015:

Great news!  Come the new year, I'll be back on stage with Phoenix Theatre Ensemble.  Glyn Maxwell's new adaptation of Dostoevsky's The Gambler will be produced for their Winter/Spring season.  I'll be playing Lord Astley, a foppish businessman from England.  Time to start hitting those Downton Abbey reruns!

August 2015:

Performances are off and running for Elephants and Other Worldly Dilemmas and the responses have been great.  One reviewer even likened my work to that of Jason Bateman.  I'll take that as a complement!  Be sure to check out the gallery to see more photos from the production.

July 2015:

I'm happy to report that I've been cast in a new comedy as part of the New York International Fringe Festival called Elephants and Other Worldly Dilemmas.  We're in rehearsals now and having a ball!  Buy your tickets through either website now!

June 2015:

After a length of time out of town for a stretch of Irish music gigs, weddings, and general tomfoolery (said hello to DC, Tampa, Houston, and Las Vegas), it was time to get back to the Big Apple and shake some branches.  I'm now signed with The Meg Pantera Agency and looking forward to getting back on stage!

January 2015:

I'll be performing in Jeremy Levy's An Outstanding Vintage next month as part of his series of plays A Brief Moment of Brevity: Short Plays About People Feeling Things and Stuff, produced by Matthew Corozine Studio.  Jeremy has written a funny, charming, awkward, and altogether heart-wrenching play, and I can't wait to get it up on its feet!

October 2014:

I'm back on stage with Phoenix Theatre Ensemble this month, taking on a special staged reading of An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde.  The incredibly talented actor Jason O'Connell is directing.  If you don't know of Jason already, I'm here to help.  He just took home the award for Best Actor in a Play at the 2o14 New York Innovative Theatre Awards.  He also made this little gem.  If you're a fan of the Batman movies even just a little bit, be prepared to laugh your butt off: Meditations on "Batfleck"  You're welcome!

August 2014:

It's been a busy month already!  I've been back in the classroom, training with Matthew Corozine at Matthew Corozine Studio.  Matt's training is absolutely transformative.  If you're looking for some great acting training here in New York City, I cannot recommend his studio enough.  Follow the link above and check it out.  Tell him I sent you!

I've also just formed Triumvirate Productions with Alec Gutherz and Bryant Carroll - two very close friends and collaborators.  Look out for us in the near future!

May 2014:

Performances of Tom Stoppard's Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth are up and running to critical acclaim.  If absurd intellectual comedy with a dark underbelly is your cup of tea, come see this play.  And thank me later!

Dogg 2.jpg

April 2014:

Happy Spring!  I've been cast in Phoenix Theatre Ensemble's upcoming production of Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth by Tom Stoppard.  Stoppard is one of my heroes, and it's been an absolute treat working on one of his lesser produced works.  Speaking of heroes, Kevin Confoy (a very influential figure in my development as an actor) is directing.  Rehearsals have been a hoot so far!

AOD 1.jpg

February 2014:

Happy belated New Year!  The first couple months of 2014 saw rehearsals and performances of Alec Gutherz' new play, Another One Darling, produced for the Midtown International Theatre Festival.  My role?  Putting it lightly, I played a cop with one heck of a grudge.

December 2013:

I've been involved with some fun stuff recently.  I love helping to develop new work, and I was able to lend my talents to both Pan Asian Repertory Theatre (they've been around for over 30 years and are a fixture in the New York City theatre community) and Emerging Artists.  Scott Klavan's A Child Is In The House was particularly fun.  Scott has a completely unique voice as a writer and I cannot wait to see what he cooks up next!

September 2013:

Hello, visitors!  There has been lots of activity going on this month as we've transitioned into the fall, my favorite season.  Here's just a snippet of what's been going on:

I shot a short promo spot for a new men's fashion company called Bow-Tie Me!  If you like bow ties, check them out, buy one, and thank me later.  In addition to appearing on-screen, I also wrote the music for it - a buoyant little number sure to get your toes tapping.  Stay tuned!

I've also been called in personally by the lovely casting director Anne Teutschel to read for the male lead in an upcoming feature film.

Looking forward to seeing what October brings!  Aside from some warm apple cider, of course.

Bow Tie Me image.jpg

August 2013:

Well, folks, I've built a website.  But that's obvious.  Welcome!

The past couple of months, actually, have been chock full of activity.  Here's the short version:

I performed in The Names , a new play by the talented Alec Gutherz, produced by Reliance Studios for the Midtown International Theatre Festival.  Keep your eye out for more work by Gutherz.  He's a heck of a craftsman.

I also booked a lead role in an independent feature length film written and directed by Shane Tilston.  15 shoot days later, we have a movie!  I'll be sure to keep you posted as post production progresses.

Up, up, and away!